Hi there,

Here are a few things about me to those who have the interest to know me a little.

I was a primary developer of HUMAN digital agency where I was part of a work team to produce extremely high quality products for its customers.

My focus was specifically on development and maintaining applications in my daily responsibilities, the most common of which includes front and back-end development.

Since I left that job, I began to focus on my own project. Juuke is a digital signage and entertainment start-up, a mobile application that interacts with establishments TVs, such as bars, to entertain guests with music videos.

I like to keep thinking forward and observe life with attention to details. Always looking for an explanation in order to identify inefficiency and flaws, love to solve difficult problems and build useful products as part of a team collaboration.

I lived in other countries, met other cultures and tasted not so expensive wines, part of my childhood and adolescence was learning in argentina, portugal and brazil.

For a short time I lived in the united states, where I did some computer courses, then returned to south america again and earned the associate degree in analysis and systems development.

More details and complete skills can be found on my LinkedIn.