hi there, here are a few lines about me.

// status

Collaborating with a full media service agency as a project manager in Portugal.

// abstract

I’m a software developer/engineer and entrepreneur, my last job was on an digital agency where I was part of a work team producing extremely high quality products for its customers.

My focus was specifically on planning, development and maintaining applications in my daily responsibilities, the most common of which includes front and back-end development.

Since a quit that job, I began to focus on my own project. A platform with create an interactive customer experience using TV screens in venues such bars & nightlife, restaurants, barber shops, gym and others. An interactive entertainment platform that integrates relevant content, surround sound and interactive mobile application. In addition, we provide spaces for advertising campaigns.
- https://www.juuke.com

I like to thinking forward, observe everything with attention to details. Always looking for an explanation in order to identify inefficiency and flaws, love to solve difficult problems and build useful products as part of a team collaboration.

// no borders

I’m son of portuguese and argentinian immigrants. Our family ancestors are germans, russians and moors. Part of my childhood and adolescence I've lived in Argentina, Portugal and Brazil.

For a short time, I've lived in the United States, where I did some computer courses. I've have been learned a lot meeting other cultures, adapting and tasted not so expensive wines.

// interests

entrepreneurship • fiction and science literature • cyberpunk • big data • music • machine learning • IoT • cooking • wine • hacking • architecture • design • walk/run • meditation • history • psychology

More details and complete skills can be found on my LinkedIn.

// social

GitHub or Bitbucket where I host my private repos.

// contact

E-mail: leonel@leonelfolmer.com
Skype: leonelfolmer